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BE-BI-PM Section

Useful Information

External institutes, collaborations and meetings


  • Vistars
  • Minutes of official meetings
    • 1 Go to the Calendar page of the TB site (Calendar ).
    • 2 Click on ‘Add new events’ at the end of the page.
    • 3 Select Activity=Meeting, Title=Your WG/Committee name, the date and put your notes in the ‘Details’ box (Summary is only for the agenda if you want to put it). Please, report actions as ‘<= Action Somebody’ in red
    • 4 Press ‘Ok’ button.
    • Send an email with the link and the copy of the minutes to
  • BE-BI
    • BI Racks in LHC
    • BOBR message.utcTimeBlock1/2 to check if timing is arriving, message.contentsBlock1/2[17(18 if from 1)] indicates the beam of the timing on the block(1 or 2), status.globalControl 64=block1 L&R, 128=block2 L&R
    • BST message structure
    • BI logbook
  • BE-CO
  • EN/EL
  • IT
    I encountered problems with the PHP session management when the WSFederationAuthenticationModule was in the web.config. Had to remove all lines related to SSO in order to get the PHP session to work.
    (With Evolution secure connection doesn't work so it can only be used inside CERN as anonymous)
    • Server:
    • Base DN: o=cern,c=ch
    • Bind DN:cn=nice-login-name,ou=users,o=cern,c=ch
    • Use SSL (port 636)
    • Using software that uses FLEXLM from home
      • Discover the (min) two host:ports (run the program and check with netstat while it starts up)
      • Edit c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add lines like server1, server2 etc.
      • Use putty to create ssh tunnels via lxplus like -L127.0.0.1:port1:server1:port1 -L127.0.01:port2:server1:port2 (repeat for all other servers if more than one). This is a bit tedious so better save the session settings before starting it :-)
  • Links to CDD folders (replace LHCBTVI with your search string)
Search drawing name
Folder ID


Office Tips

gs -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -sOUTPUTFILE=combinedpdf.pdf -dBATCH 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf
  • Creating booklet from A4 pdf: pdf2ps file.pdf; psbook -sN (N is number of pages in file but also multiple of 4); print 2 pages per sheet using short edge binding using your favourite program
  • Accessing Oracle database from OpenOffice
    • Database type: Oracle JDBC
    • Name of Oracle Database: PDB (for cerndb1)
    • Host name:
    • Port Number: 1521
    • Oracle JDBC driver class: oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver (needs java folder /afs/
  • Printing on A0 plotters
    • From windows just install the driver
    • Mac only prints on PS plotters, i.e. not on the OCE TDS600 unless someone buys the PS option

Linux Tips

  • Print the internally defined macros in gcc
gcc -dM -E - < /dev/null
  • Solve krb5 ticket forward from ubuntu to SLC
  • LDAP related useful commands
    • ldapsearch [-Q/-x] -LLL -b "OU=Users,OU=Organic Units,DC=Cern,DC=ch" "department=BE/BI" givenName sn cn
    • ldapsearch -Q -LLL -b "OU=Users,OU=Organic Units,DC=Cern,DC=ch" "cn=username"
    • to use AND or OR in search: (&(cn=name)(sn=surname)) (|(cn=name1)(cn=name2))
    • ! means NOT and * is any value (cn=*)
    • ldapsearch -Q -b "OU=Users,OU=Organic Units,DC=Cern,DC=ch" "(manager=cn=username,ou=Users,ou=Organic Units,dc=cern,dc=ch)" cn
  • AFS stuff
    • using groups
      • $ pts creategroup -name pam:friends
      • $ pts listowned -nameorid pam
      • $ pts membership -nameorid pam:friends
      • $ pts membership -nameorid pam
      • $ pts adduser -user jim -user dwight -group pam:friends
      • $ pts removeuser -user dwight -group pam:friends
      • $ pts delete -nameorid pam:friends
      • $ pts adduser pincopanco -group bravin:dev
      • $ pts membership bravin:dev
    • To change access right for people log into lxplus as bipmsvn then edit /afs/
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